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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Honoring Inner Landscapes

Susan Krieger's poetically titled, "Things No Longer There: A Memoir of Losing Sight and Finding Vision," is a work of observation in the truest sense; a collection of stories about her progressive loss of eyesight due to disease, intermingled with "visibility" issues concerning her lesbian identity. Her writing is permeated with a nostalgic poignancy that is grounded, not cloying, and sometimes even amusing. She states, "People look increasingly young because my vision blurs out the fine lines and subtle skin tones...everyone looks about 35."

Beyond chronicling her loss of sight, the book includes the development of an affair Kreiger had with a previously heterosexual woman, her evolving awareness of her disability and her observations and insight into the ways lesbians interract with a world that does not see or recognize them. Her writing is lush and lyrical as she takes us on a journey of transformation and transcendence.

Click here for the web site: Blind LGBT Pride.

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